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Deliverance Ministries, Inc. offers free one-on-one ministry with trained ministers. (Donations are gladly accepted.)

5:30 pm to 10:30 pm each Monday evening (except major holidays). No childcare is available on site. Please do not bring children (unless they are there to receive ministry after parents have received ministry).


RESERVE YOUR PLACE - Call 405-842-5509

(personal reservations receive preferrential treatment.)


RESERVE YOUR PLACE - Call 405-842-5509405-842-5509

(personal reservations receive preferrential treatment.)


900 N. May Ave. in Oklahoma City, home of Vin0 Nuevo Church,  across the street from Gate 5 of State Fair Park on May Ave.


More about the location of our weekly meeting is given on the right side of this page. We recommend calling ahead so we will know who is coming for ministry. See info below.

Basic Ministry Process

  • Explanation of the works of Jesus and learning how to recognize possible evil spirits (including spirits of sickness), the power that Christians have, teaching about the doors that evil spirits can use to enter and harass Christians
  • How to stay free
  • Door Closing Prayer that cancels the rights that spirits have
  • Breaking of ungodly soul ties
  • Inner-healing of emotional wounds of the past
  • Deliverance
  • Physical healing

Call To Get On Schedule

Call to get on the schedule: (405) 842-5509 before 3:00 pm on Monday afternoons.

Areas Typically Discussed

  • How to recognize evil spirits
  • The power that Christians have
  • Doors that can allow demons to come in
  • Ministering to children
  • Spirits of infirmities and praying for healing
  • Dealing with spirits of witchcraft and the occult
  • Praying for someone at a distance
  • Multi personalities
  • Eating disorders
  • Dealing with “Haunted Houses"
  • How inner healing can set us free
  • How to stay free

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 5.30 -10 or 11 pm

Vino Nuevo Church building

900 N. May Ave.

Map To Location



2828 NW 57th St. Ste. 305

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

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Deliverance Ministries, Inc.
2828 NW 57th St.
Suite 305
Oklahoma City, OK 73112

Phone: (405) 842-5509


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Deliverance Ministries was founded by Everett Cox in 1984.


Richard Peterson is the Executive Minister.

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