Self Ministry

Deliverance Ministries, Inc. has created this unique Web-video-based "self ministry" tool to assist you in ministering deliverance to yourself.


The following steps and videos can be done all at one time or in stages. Use the Pause button in each video player as necessary.


NOTE: Due to multiple videos, this page takes a minute or two to load completely. If any of the videos gets an error message, simply press F5 to refresh the page in your browser.


Print out the Problem List and circle the problems that apply to you.


Watch the following video, "Introduction to Self Ministry" showing how to get free and healed.


(Length: 71 min. 8 sec.)


Listen to MP3 version


Watch the following video, "The Door-Closing Prayer".


(Length: 31 min. 19 sec.)


Listen to MP3 Version


There is a handout mentioned in the video, the "brown handout", that you will need to download and print out, for reference. Click here to access it.


NOTE: Do not do Step Five, the Group Deliverance video, unless you have done Steps One, Two, and Three.

This needs to be done out loud as led on the video.

This video includes a teaching on how to stay free and healed.


If you are wanting ministry over the phone, please fill out and send to us this Ministry Form.


Skip this step if you are doing self ministry.


Watch the following video, "Individual or Group Deliverance".


(Length: 112 min. 12 sec.)


Listen to MP3 version


Have your Problem List circled and ready. Also, be prepared to put the video on pause as may be needed during the breaking of ungodly soul ties, inner healing and deliverance. Should you feel physical discomfort, have a Bible ready to put against your body where necessary.


Do not do this video unless you have done steps 1, 2 and 3.


Watch the following video, "The Baptism of the Holy Spirit".


Click here to access the handout referenced in the video.


(Length: 13 min. 13 sec.)


Listen to MP3 version


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