We have had many testimonies of victory over spiritual bondage and oppression over the last 30 years. We have converted some of them to digital audio so you can rejoice with us over these thrilling testimonies!

Audio Recorded Testimonies of Deliverance & Healing

Click on the links below to hear amazing and inspiring testimonies of deliverance and healing. May faith arise in your heart for your own breakthrough, in Jesus' name! God is no respecter of persons - what He did for someone else, He will do for you!


When you click a link, a new window in your browser will open up and the audio clip will start to play automatically. Be sure to adjust the volume on your computer or phone.


TIP: Share these clips with friends or family who have similar issues or problems. It might be just the inspiration they need to reach out to God to receive their miracle!

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 5.30 -10 or 11 pm

Vino Nuevo Church building

900 N. May Ave.

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2828 NW 57th St. Ste. 305

Oklahoma City, OK 73112

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Deliverance Ministries, Inc.
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Deliverance Ministries was founded by Everett Cox in 1984.


Richard Peterson is the Executive Minister.

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